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People who live in Mango can enjoy the sweet life. Located conveniently adjacent to I-4 and I-75, it’s incredibly easy to get to Tampa, Busch Gardens, University of South Florida, or anywhere else you need to be. At the same time, the community has been spared from the dense development and swelling populations seen in some parts nearby. The result is a community surrounded by natural beauty and small-town amenities that still have access to all the big city conveniences.

injured arm after a car accident

Unfortunately, easy access to major highways can also mean it’s easy to get snarled up in a major traffic accident. Whether riding I-4 or even a smaller highway, like M.L.K. Boulevard, it’s possible that Mango residents will be involved in a car crash. They can also get hurt in a slip and fall accident at a local business, or they might be hurt during a work accident.

In any case, Mango residents can turn to Darrigo & Diaz to obtain experienced representation from a local personal injury lawyer. Our firm has practiced in Hillsborough County and the greater Tampa area for over 20 years. We always bring a high level of care and commitment to each case, helping injury victims maximize their chances of obtaining the compensation they need.

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Representing Personal Injury Victims in Mango After Their Accident

Darrigo & Diaz can handle any case where an injury has been caused by someone’s negligence, wrongdoing, or intentional acts. Past case types in our successful track record include:


We Are Here If You Have Been Hurt in Mango, FL

Mango, Florida is a community with a history going back to the early 19th century. Many families had settled on homesteads here by then, close enough to the Tampa Bay area to have access to trade goods but far enough that farmable land was plentiful. In 1880, construction had begun on Henry Plant’s railroad, which made access to Tampa easier than ever. That same year, a post office in Mango was opened. By 1883, the railroad service was established, and Mango residents could travel to Tampa in just 25 minutes.

Like Seffner next to it, the population of Mango has remained relatively constant throughout the past century. Modern development brought new comfortable homes and picturesque neighborhoods, but the farms and old-growth trees remained. The result is a beautiful community isolated from many of the hectic troubles of the modern metropolis, yet it is also a community that remains connected to Tampa’s jobs, attractions, nightlife, and overall economic prosperity.

Even though life in Mango could be described as idyllic, it is not always without pain and suffering. Traffic accidents on the interstate and local highways are common. Individuals may also get hurt at local businesses, during recreational times at the swimming pool or lake, or even at work.

Any time an injury disrupts your life, consider hiring a Mango personal injury lawyer to take on your case. An attorney can assist you with identifying all at-fault parties and filing an injury claim for the maximum amount of compensation available. We can also assist you with documenting your damages, proving fault, or even fighting for your case in court.

With decades of experience in the Hillsborough County court system and with managing cases in the local area, Darrigo & Diaz is more than prepared to help you get through this tough time. Our Mango personal injury attorneys work closely with you during your case, helping you pull together the factors that win cases while also taking the workload partially off your shoulders. You stay informed and in control every step of the way, but we put in all the professional work!

Find out why so many locals in Mango and the Tampa area trust Darrigo & Diaz for their personal injury cases. Reach out to schedule your free, no-obligation case review at any time!

Common Damages Awarded in a Mango Personal Injury Case

There are several common categories of damages that tend to be awarded after an injury accident, including:

Past Medical Bills

All reasonable and necessary costs associated with treating your injury should be covered by an applicable bodily injury liability policy. If no insurance policy is available, it may be possible to sue the person or business directly to recover these costs.

Future Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation

Many injuries require long-term care and rehabilitation. In some cases, the victim may need life-long follow-up care, especially if they have acquired a disability as a result of their accident.

Lost Wages

“Lost wages” refers to the difference in income earned when comparing your finances before the accident to afterward. You are eligible to claim lost wages even if you have sick leave available. If there is a permanent reduction in your ability to earn the income you once did, your injury settlement should include compensation for this life-long reduction in earnings potential.

Out of Pocket Costs

Your out-of-pocket costs involve any reasonable and necessary expenses you had to pay from your own finances. Common examples include parking at health clinics, transportation to/from appointments, rental car fees, and other personal losses stemming from the accident.

Personal Property Replacement

If you had personal effects, such as a phone, damaged in your accident, then this category of damages will cover the costs of replacing it. It will also cover the costs of repairs to your vehicle.

Pain and Suffering

If you have obtained a serious injury, coverage may be available to compensate you for the personal pain and suffering you have experienced.

Calculate Your Damages and File a Claim With Help From Experienced Mango Injury Lawyers

Darrigo & Diaz can provide you with legal guidance and assistance during this tough time. Our experience with handling injury cases like yours has taught us the factors needed to win cases. Let us provide you with a no-cost case review to help you understand your options and potentially start the process of seeking compensation today.

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