Stefania Grillo

Law Intern at Darrigo & Diaz

Ronald D. Darrigo

Stefania Grillo

Law Intern

Stefania Grillo is a Law Intern with our Personal Injury team at Darrigo and Diaz. At the firm, her role is to focus on working closely with the paralegals, attorneys, and other members of the team as cases progress through to ensure case flow and to help protect the rights of our clients. By working with our personal injury team, Stefania has expanded her legal knowledge which she can then apply to be able to better the clients’ future.

She has been working at Darrigo & Diaz since 2021 and is finishing her studies in Forensic Studies and Justice at the University of South Florida where she hopes to then go become an attorney.  In her free time, she enjoys shopping, reading, and working out.


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