13 Jan 2016

Dangerous Toys Are Still on Department Store Shelves

Posted By Darrigo & Diaz

Personal injury by dangerous toys

It can be fun to buy your child or a young loved one a toy. Their eyes light up and smiles spread across their faces instantly. Despite how fun it may be to give a child a toy, it is important to do research on the item to ensure it is safe for the kid.

Recently, the United States Public Interest Research Group reported that many dangerous toys are still on the shelves of department stores everywhere. Many of these hazardous toys include ones that are:

1. Overly Loud:

These types of toys are designed to make loud sounds. These loud noises pose threats to young children’s hearing abilities.

2. Pose Choking Risks:

These types of toys are designed with small detachable items. If children detach these small objects and place them in their mouths, they can choke.

3. Made with Toxic Chemicals:

These types of toys are made using dangerous chemicals such as chromium and phthalates. These chemicals can cause children to suffer serious harms.

4. Made with Strong Magnets:

Many toys have magnets attached. If these magnets are detachable, and a child consumes one, they can become extremely ill or suffer serious injuries.

Aggressive Representation for Persons Injured by Dangerous Products

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