Beth Shipley

Accounting / Trial Paralegal at Darrigo & Diaz

Ronald D. Darrigo


Accounting / Trial Paralegal

Beth Shipley handles work in accounting and as a trial paralegal for Darrigo & Diaz. Her role with the firm includes the handling of day to day accounting matters and helping attorneys as they prepare for litigation.

Beth is a valued and longtime employee of the firm, and has been with the team before the firm officially opened in September 1999. Since day one, Beth has been an exceptional asset, not only for her skills and abilities, but also because she truly cares about helping people within the community. As she believes, client needs come before anything else.

Having been with the firm since its inception, she has been able to forge many positive relationships in the local and legal community, and has been a key part of working trial cases that ended in notable verdicts. Outside of work, Beth enjoys the beach and kayaking.


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