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The beauty and splendor of the Florida coast and neighboring islands means Florida is one of the top destinations for weekend warriors to enjoy a leisurely cruise. But, what happens when your perfect vacation is disrupted by a severe injury? What do you do after an accident on a cruise ship? We’ve got answers to some of the most commonly asked questions when victims contact a cruise ship accident lawyer.

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How Common are Cruise Ship Accidents?

According to the US Department of Transportation cruise ship incident reports, there have been 14 suspicious deaths, 1 homicide, 19 missing person reports, several kidnappings, and more than 100 assaults reported since 2015. Of the suspicious death reports among the most popular cruise lines, Carnival cruise ships reported 6, nearly half. Additionally, according to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 254 maritime catastrophes that resulted in 16,264 victims of accidents on a cruise ship from 2008-2017. 

Among the largest cruise lines, Carnival Cruise ship accidents tend to be more prolific than most other cruise lines. As concerning as these statistics are, they don’t reflect the thousands of injuries, other types of accidents, and thefts that occur every year. While most cruise ships do everything they can to ensure their passenger’s safety, there are many things that can go wrong on a cruise ship tour.

What do I do After an Accident on a Cruise Ship?

Seek appropriate medical attention immediately. Most cruise ships will have medical staff and equipment on board to treat your injury. Do not worry about a potential lawsuit before accessing medical care. 

Make sure to give the doctor on board accurate information about your injury and the events surrounding it; these documents will be useful should you choose to pursue options in court. If at all possible, you should attempt to capture a photo or video of the time and location of your injury. 

Additionally, you should examine the area for witnesses and try to get their information; this will be helpful in determining whether your accident could be attributed to negligence on the part of the cruise ship. The more tangible evidence of negligence you can produce, the better case an attorney can make for the worth of your case. 

How Much is My Cruise Ship Accident Case Worth?

In order to get an accurate sense of the worth of your case, we will have to get a clear picture of both the nature of your accident and the damages suffered afterward as a result. These post-accident damages can include medical costs, time spent in the hospital, physical and emotional trauma, time off of work, and any other ongoing difficulties. Once we have as much clarifying detail as you can provide about your accident, we can make a judgment on how much you will be entitled to in compensation. 

Will I Have to Travel to Florida for My Case? 

In most cases, clients are expected to appear in the state in which the suit is filed; this information can be found in the provisions on your cruise ship ticket. Most major cruise lines require suits to be filed in federal district court in Miami.

Barring exceptional circumstances, such as the inability to travel due to sustained injuries, clients are expected to travel for depositions, injury verifications, and mediations. We can provide more information on this in your consultation. 

How Long Will the Legal Process Take to Settle my Cruise Ship Accident Case?

Though each case entails a different set of details and circumstances, we find that most cases are settled within a year of the accident. Very often, cases are settled within months, or even weeks. 

Should I Inform the Cruise Line About my Plans to Pursue Legal Action?

Though most cruise lines will require that they be informed of any pursuit of legal action, you should consult with an attorney before you enter communication with the cruise line about this matter. If you do make the cruise line aware that you feel their negligence led to your injury, this does not constitute a claim and is not a substitute for legal action.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer?

Short answer: It depends. We offer FREE initial consultations, and we operate on a contingency basis. In other words, you will not have to render payment at any point in the legal process until your case is settled out of court, after which the contingency fee will be folded into the settlement. If a settlement is not reached, you will not bear the financial burden. 

The majority of cases settle before trial, and those that do go to trial are usually settled at some later point in the process.  Each case mandates a different legal response, so associated costs will vary; however, we can guarantee a clear line of communication with our clients when new expenses are incurred. All of these terms will be laid out in writing in the contract you enter with your attorney. Time is of the essence and we make it simple to get in touch with an expert cruise ship accident attorney. Call us at (813) 774-3341 for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation right over the phone, or contact us to schedule a Zoom meeting so you get the help you need without ever stepping foot into our office.


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