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Darrigo & Diaz has been proudly serving the residents of Tampa and surrounding areas of Florida since 1999! During that time, we’ve had the pleasure of not only helping local individuals and families as they navigate the legal system, but also the pleasure of forging meaningful relationships with the community at large.

Since our inception, our firm has been deeply rooted in the community. Our families live here, our children attend school here, and our charitable support is steadfast in maintaining the quality of life that makes our people and neighborhoods so unique.

Our work enables us to create bonds with real people and professionals from all walks of lives, and we are often inspired by their stories and efforts. From contributions to our local public and private education systems to the consistent support of organizations to end domestic violence and family hardships, we take great pride in giving back to the communities we call home.

Our legal team is thankful for the trust local residents continue to place in our firm during challenging moments in their lives – and we feel strongly about giving back in every way we can. If you would like to learn more about our community efforts, our legal team, or the services we provide, please contact us today.


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