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Left turns can be dangerous. Victims shouldn’t pay for others’ mistakes.

On Tampa’s busy roads, many drivers can make left turn errors that result in dangerous crashes. Whether they misjudged the speed of a vehicle or failed to yield as required by law, drivers at-fault for left turn accidents in Tampa could be held liable for the full costs of injuries and other damages caused by their collision.

Darrigo & Diaz can be there for you any time you have been the victim of a serious crash caused by a left turn error. Our law offices can provide an experienced, compassionate left turn accident lawyer in Tampa to represent your case. Your attorney will use their legal knowledge and familiarity with the insurance system to seek a strong claim to pay for all damages.

Don’t agree to a settlement with insurers until you talk to a lawyer. Using your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance can harm your ability to seek a liability claim against at-fault drivers.

Talk to a Tampa left turn accident attorney for free today. You will learn about your legal rights and best options for recovering the maximum amount of damages available.

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Left Turns Cause a Major Amount of Accidents in Tampa and the U.S.

Making a left turn across a road or busy intersection requires the sound judgment of the current road conditions. Florida law (F.S. 316.122) expects those turning to yield to all oncoming vehicles until it is safe to proceed. Those turning must also be aware of any pedestrians crossing the path of the road where they intend to turn.

The high level of care required makes left turns prone to errors in judgment. Those turning may end up cutting off the path of a car, truck, or motorcycle they failed to see in time. The turning driver may also fail to notice a pedestrian or bicyclist proceeding through their intended path.

These left turn car accident scenarios are all too common. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation, over half (53.1%) of all crossing-path accidents involve left turns. 

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) also reports that nearly half of the 5.8 million annual U.S. car crashes involve intersections, and the majority of intersection-related accidents involve left turns.

One report from National Public Radio cited that left turns cause a quarter of all crashes involving pedestrians in the U.S.

Recovering Damages After a Left Turn Accident

A left turn accident in Tampa can cause serious injuries to everyone involved. Many of these collisions turn into “T-bone” impacts, where the passenger side of the turning vehicle meets the full force of the front-end of another car moving at high speeds.

Broken ribs, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), internal injuries, neck and back injuries and more can result. Many left turn car accident victims may never fully regain their mobility. Some may even pass on as a result of their injuries, meaning families must pursue a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

When a left turn car accident lawyer in Tampa successfully obtains the full available compensation from all at-fault parties, accident victims can begin to repay their losses. 

Common types of damages after a Tampa left turn car crash include:

  • Medical bills — Repayment for all necessary treatments, past, and future
  • Incidental expenses — Prescription costs, parking fees, and other direct costs associated with your treatment
  • Lost wages — Income you were unable to earn while you recovered
  • Property damage — Covers damage to your vehicle or personal property
  • Pain and suffering — Compensation for the unpleasantness you’ve experienced
  • Punitive damages — Awarded in extreme cases when the defendant’s behavior was egregious

Why a Tampa Left Turn Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Insurers do not want to pay you the full value of your claim whenever possible. To protect their profitability, they often make low settlement offers to accident victims. Those who do not know the full value of their damages — past and future — may not realize just how much they’ve lost in their left turn car accident.

Having a left turn car accident attorney in Tampa allows you to assess all of your losses and fight for the maximum amount of compensation available under Florida and U.S. law. Your attorney can help you avoid common mistakes, such as filing under your PIP insurance when your case could qualify for a third-party bodily injury liability (BIL) claim.

The left turn accident lawyers at Darrigo & Diaz represent a variety of crash cases, including:

  • Left Turn Car Accidents
  • Left Turn Truck Accidents
  • Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents 
  • Accidents to Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Others

Your attorney fights vigorously on your behalf, determining your opportunities based on how the law and the typical insurance process applies to your unique case. A Tampa left turn crash lawyer gathers evidence for you, and they can build a strong case alleging fault against other drivers involved.

If no fair insurance settlement agreement can be reached, your attorney will likely advance your claim to a lawsuit. While this happens in only a minority of cases, sometimes the court system is the only way for victims to obtain the full compensation they need to recover after their devastating accident.

Who Is at Fault for a Left Turn Accident in Florida?

Florida law (F.S. 316.122) sets a clear expectation for those turning left to yield to all possible hazards. Even though it may be difficult to see everything on the roadway or judge an approaching vehicle’s speed, these tasks fall within a driver’s duty of care to not cause harm to others on the road. As such, a majority of left turn accidents tend to be judged as the fault of the turning driver.

Other Florida laws (F.S. 316.123, 316.151) require that drivers turning left yield to all others in a four-way stop or yield intersections. Drivers must be aware of their obligations to yield right of way, and they must obey the law when making turning decisions.

In rare instances, the fault in a left turn accident may not fall upon the turning driver. A vehicle may have run a stop sign or red light, for instance. The turning driver may also encounter unforeseen circumstances, such as an animal unexpectedly entering the road and affecting the flow of traffic. Because of these exceptions, drivers who get in an accident while turning left should still explore their legal options for determining the potential liability of others involved.

Speak With a Tampa Left Turn Injury Lawyer for Free

You can learn exactly what your best options might be for recovering full compensation after your left turn accident when you speak with a personal injury lawyer in Tampa. 

Do not assume that your PIP insurance or another driver’s insurers will look out for your best interests when evaluating your claim. Having an attorney may not guarantee a full, fair settlement, but it does guarantee that you will be aware of your legal rights while representing your case to the fullest extent of the law.

You may never learn what your left turn car accident claim is truly worth unless you talk to an attorney familiar with cases like yours. Schedule a free, no obligation case review with one of the excellent Tampa injury lawyers at Darrigo & Diaz now when you call (813) 774-3341 or contact us online.


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