Over 20 years as Tampa’s leading personal injury firm for attorney referrals

The law firm other attorneys trust

Whether you have a personal injury case that lies beyond your area of practice, doesn’t fit your business model, or you’re simply too busy — personally or professionally — to spend six months developing it, Darrigo & Diaz will masterfully manage the case to successful settlement or verdict, thus maximizing your client’s recovery and securing the appropriate referral fee for your efforts.

D&D is known throughout the state as one of the most highly regarded PI firms in Tampa, renowned for expeditious case development, extraordinary client care, and aggressive expertise in the areas of auto accidents and premises liability. D&D is the law firm other attorneys trust; sending their referrals, their friends, and even their own family members when injured in an accident.

Celebrating 20 Years of Legal Leadership in Tampa
Since 1999, Tampa attorneys have referred their personal injury cases to the legal team at Darrigo & Diaz.

Board Certified Attorney Nadine Diaz, deemed by the Supreme Court of Florida as an expert in Personal Injury Law

Along with Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney Nadine Diaz, Darrigo & Diaz personal injury law firm is an esteemed member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum® with over 200-million awarded settlements and verdicts.

We have experience with all types of motor vehicle accidents, including:

· Auto accidents

· Motorcycle accidents

· Tractor trailer truck accidents

· Commercial vehicle accidents

· Delivery vehicle accidents

· Drunk driver accidents

· Golf cart accidents

· Left-hand turn accidents

· e-Scooter accidents

· Bicycle accidents

· Pedestrian accidents

Personal injury referrals from non-PI attorneys

If you are an attorney that does not practice personal injury law and have a Tampa personal injury case that you would like to refer to a firm that specializes in PI, you should know that Darrigo & Diaz has been the preferred choice of referring attorneys for more than two decades.

Since our inception in 1999, our team of award-winning trial attorneys has fought tirelessly on behalf of Tampa accident victims and their families to help ease their anxiety, frustration and worry. We settle cases effectively and efficiently, ensuring our clients are both satisfied and on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

As part of our attorney referral program, we extend this same guarantee to referring attorneys. Our vast resources and talented legal team will go to work for your client’s case, keeping you informed of all major updates and striving to maximize the final referral fee.

If you have a PI case, that you would like to discuss with our attorneys and intake specialists, please call 813-774-3341.

Have a PI case that didn’t settle?

If you are a personal injury attorney and have a PI case that didn’t settle, we can help file suit on the case and manage it through Litigation to successful settlement or verdict. Sometimes cases that seemed simple at the start can become cost heavy and time taxing to effectively develop. D&D is known throughout the Tampa legal industry as an established personal injury law firm with extensive trial resources and deep-rooted connections within the local legal and medical communities to drive successful outcomes.

We know how intricate and time-consuming personal injury cases can be in Litigation. That’s why our firm has spent over two decades sharpening the pace and processes of how to efficiently develop a PI case in Litigation. From discovery to depos, motions to mediation, we’ve built a staged system of case production that skillfully moves cases expeditiously to maximize the timing and totals of the client’s award.

For cases that do not settle at mediation, our veteran legal team, investigators, medical & field experts, combined with continuous firm capital, enable us to flex our resources and litigation prowess to bring cases to trial, driving successful verdicts on behalf of our clients.

Attorney referral program benefits

  • We regularly communicate with clients and keep them informed
  • We notify you of important case updates
  • We offer an extensive network of trial resources
  • We respect your domain and expertise
  • We strive for a long term referral relationship, and refer cases to you that align with your legal specialty
  • We promptly pay referral fees per the Florida Bar

Refer your personal injury case today to Tampa’s trusted PI firm. We look forward to embarking on a successful referral relationship.

If you have a personal injury case that you’d like to discuss, please contact our office at 813-774-3341


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