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If you or a loved one has been wrongfully injured, our firm is here for you. We are dedicated to providing accident victims with the very best resources available to help you better understand your rights and the process so you can receive the guidance you need. From directions on how to obtain police accident reports to valuable information on car repairs and rental car replacements, we offer 360° support to help you each step of the way.

Police Reports After an Accident

Police accident reports can be one of the most important pieces of evidence presented to insurance companies. These reports contain valuable evidence about liability, such as the responding officer’s opinion that one car was speeding based off the length of the skid-marks or whether traffic tickets were issued at the scene. If you’ve been in an accident and would like to request your official police accident report, you can obtain copies of these documents from your local law enforcement agency or municipality.

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Auto Damage and Rental Car Information

One of the first concerns after a car accident is what to do about the damage to your vehicle. As a starting point, you need to determine who is responsible for causing the crash and what type of insurance coverage you have on your vehicle. We handle the entire claims process for you—from calling the adjusters, scheduling the inspection, and arranging a rental car, to ensuring you receive fair compensation for your damaged or lost property.

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Seeking Medical Care

If you believe you have suffered injuries, it is paramount you see a doctor right away. In Florida, you have only 14 days from the day of your accident to seek medical care—or you risk being denied insurance compensation. At Darrigo & Diaz, we help our clients find the medical care they need. From neck and spine specialists and brain trauma experts to physical therapists and chiropractors, we make sure our clients receive proper medical care in a timely manner for optimal recovery.

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