Kim Weisgal

Business Relationship Manager at Darrigo & Diaz

Ronald D. Darrigo


Business Relationship Manager

My business title at D&D Law is Business Development Coordinator, my position is to lead sales and client relationship management, track new markets and emerging trends, guide long term objectives to meet business needs and requirements. Prior to being here at D&D , I was a project manager for a team of 8 members, we raised 113K in two months for Leukemia and Lymphoma society putting the LLS chapter over their 5 million dollar mark.

Why I do what I do…. I enjoy helping others and being responsible for the community I live in. I feel working at D&D Law firm they hold that same community mantra.

My Zen, I grew up in San Diego California and I enjoy a good cup of coffee while walking along the beach, early morning is the best for me when the surfers are out. Pass the time away, the gym is my therapy, I enjoy banging weights, keeping focused on the positive and I try to eat healthy although, I know I will be kidnapped one day by a white van offering free tacos….. I just love tacos!!


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