Alyxa Weller

Criminal Case Manager at Darrigo & Diaz

Ronald D. Darrigo


Criminal Case Manager

Alyxa Weller is a criminal case manager with our criminal defense team at Darrigo & Diaz. At the firm, her role is concentrated on working closely with clients, attorneys, and other members of the team as cases progress through the criminal justice system. For example, Alyxa’s work includes compiling witness lists for all litigation cases, assisting with the request for copies, and closing all cases.

A member of our legal team since 2013, Alyxa has grown to be a valued member of the firm, and one who works diligently to help our criminal clients protect their rights, freedoms, and futures. By placing their needs and concerns at the forefront, she and our entire team make clients’ experiences much easier.

Alyxa values patience when working with clients and enjoys being able to help individuals who find themselves in unfortunate situations. Through her time working many different criminal cases hands on, she has been able to accumulate extensive insight into all aspects of how the legal system works. In her free time, she enjoys Zumba.


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