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When you’re dealing with the aftermath of an accident in which someone was injured, it can feel impossible to get back on your feet. By acquiring the assistance of a local personal injury attorney, you get the peace of mind that comes with taking on a difficult task with the right tools and teammates. Darrigo & Diaz are the Bloomingdale personal injury lawyers that have been fighting for the rights of the injured in Hillsborough county for 20 years, and we can help you with your injury case.

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When searching for legal representation that suits you, look for a law firm that has ample experience working in the county court system that serves your town. Darrigo & Diaz can offer guidance, advice, and representation that best suits your needs in the Tampa-area court system. We will fight for a fair outcome if a reasonable settlement can’t be mediated and will work tirelessly to recover the maximum amount for your damages.

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Representing Personal Injury Victims in Bloomingdale After Their Accident

Darrigo & Diaz can handle any case where an injury has been caused by someone’s negligence, wrongdoing, or intentional acts. Past case types in our successful track record include:

Darrigo & Diaz Want to Help With Your Bloomingdale Personal Injury

Bloomingdale is well known to be one of the best places for a family to settle down in Florida. With excellent public schools and several safe and cozy neighborhoods to find a home in, it’s easy to forget that life-changing accidents can happen no matter where you live. If you’re ever in a situation where you’re dealing with a serious injury from an accident, seeking the legal help you need from a local, community-oriented law firm can help boost your chances of fully recovering.

With plenty of restaurants and parks to choose from, Bloomingdale is a great place to spend an evening. Whether you’re enjoying a quick dip in the water at Lithia Springs Park, having a drink at one of several local breweries, or playing with the kids at the park, there’s always a nice way to enjoy your time.

Whether you’re driving home after a long day at work, picking up dinner from Tony Spavone’s, or on your way to a couple of hours on the golf course, there’s always the unnerving chance that a car accident can happen. Hillsborough County has around 20,000 reported injuries from car accidents every year, and with many roads connecting all the great amenities of Bloomingdale, it’s important to stay vigilant and aware of your rights in the case of a car accident.

Proudly supporting the injured of Hillsborough County for over 20 years, the legal team at Darrigo & Diaz has seen it all. From car accidents to slips-and-falls, we can help you with your injury case, with no cost to you without an acceptable settlement or outcome.

Get Help With Your Personal Injury Case

When dealing with an injury after an accident, most people’s minds probably aren’t immediately focused on legal action, lawsuits, insurance, and settlements, as they’re probably mainly just focused on surviving and healing from their injuries. 

The unfortunate thing is that healing and surviving are often dependent upon being able to continue to pay expensive medical bills and earn an income by working. Both can become extremely difficult — sometimes impossible — in the aftermath of a bad accident. Dealing with the financial side of the problem through the legal system is generally the only recourse one has when seeking a fair settlement from a negligent party.

Should I sue?

A question people sometimes have when considering this in respect to their injuries is whether or not they should sue. With an experienced attorney at your side, you’ll be able to make the decision that’s best for you with the proper legal guidance. Usually, personal injury cases settle outside of court, but there’s always the chance an agreement can’t be reached and a lawsuit will need to be filed against the at-fault parties.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

One of the toughest parts of trying to take on a personal injury claim alone is the power of the insurance companies. They will do everything they can to keep the amount they have to pay out for your injuries as low as possible. They will try to pressure you into accepting a lowball offer, using your medical needs against you as they hope you settle for less than your injuries are worth in order to pay for continued treatment and therapies. 

Insurers may also ask leading questions in an attempt to get you to admit fault or confess to exaggerating the nature of your injuries. In some cases, they will attempt to deny coverage based on loose interpretations of policy language. Enlisting the help of a seasoned local personal injury attorney is an excellent defense against these kinds of tactics.

What damages can I seek to recover?

Some of the most common types of damages that get factored into the total amount in damages are: 

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Future treatment costs
  • Income lost because of the injury
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Compensation for damaged or lost property

Bloomingdale Attorneys Darrigo & Diaz Can Help With Your Personal Injury Case

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be one of the most stressful events a person has to deal with. We aim to help our clients so that some of that stress may be alleviated and a chance to fully recover is within reach.

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