How to Obtain a Ruskin Florida Police Report

The town of Ruskin is a 19.5 square mile census-designated place (CDP) founded in 1908 on the shores of the Little Manatee River. Traffic accidents in Ruskin, Florida, fall under the jurisdiction of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) — the law enforcement agency in charge of all unincorporated areas in the state.

Within arm’s reach of Tampa Bay, Ruskin remained a rural suburb of fruit and truck growers until the 1970s, when this agricultural town began to attract suburbanites who brought new industries and purchased real estate which would eventually shortchange the growth of farmlands.

In 1926 U.S. Route 41 would cut a clear path northward (from Miami all the way to the upper peninsula of Michigan) while carving its way right through the center of Ruskin town. The construction of I-75 (1941-1977) and I-24 (1958) accommodated faster interstate travels and more efficient transportation of goods and equipment.  

Floridians take this popular coastal route from Miami through Ruskin to Tampa Bay and further upstate — creating dangerous conditions at times for local pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and automobiles going about their day. Wrong-way drivers, DUI’s and failure to yield at stop signs are among the primary factors in Ruskin’s traffic accidents along Route 41.

Darrigo & Diaz provides this resource page as a public service – to bring awareness to pertinent Florida statutes while offering the most expeditious methods for obtaining your Ruskin Police Report.

Florida Laws for the Custody and Release of Police Reports

Florida Traffic Control Statute § Section 316.066 (Written Reports of Crashes) mandates that all accident Police Reports requests less than 60 days old must be accompanied by a Sworn Statement, a copy of your current photo identification and proof of your exemption which allows you access.

Florida mandates that Police Reports are confidential documents for the first 60 days after the accident. As such, they are only made available (within this confidential timeframe) to exempt parties; defined as involved parties, their representatives, attorneys, and insurance carriers as well as qualified media members.

After 60 days have passed the police reports become public records, and no sworn statement or identification is required for copies; although additional approval may be necessary for criminal incidents.

WARNING Any person, knowing that he or she is not entitled to obtain information made confidential by the above law, who obtains or attempts to obtain such information, is guilty of a felony of the third degree.

Requesting a Copy of Your Ruskin Police Report

The Public Records Section of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office coordinates all requests for Ruskin Police Reports, which are processed and released according to Florida Public Records Statute §119.00.

There is no fee for a copy of your Ruskin Police Report, whether or not you are an involved party. However, should your inquiry require extensive research, statements, or filmed recordings, you will be notified that a deposit is necessary prior to fill your request.


The Public Records Section of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office coordinates all requests for Ruskin records, which are processed and released according to Florida Public Records Statute §119.00.

HCSO Website Home Page

HCSO Public Records Request Center

Email: Records Custodian  

Please note that under Florida law, email addresses are a public record that law enforcement agencies, as custodians, are required to release if discovered in response to another’s public records request.

Sworn Statement This fillable form from the FLHSMV department is for use by exempt parties, as described at the beginning of this section, during the first 60 days after the accident (aka the confidentiality period).  

By Phone

HCSO Records Section  

Phone: (813) 247-0960


Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Florida has jurisdiction over all unincorporated areas within the county, including yours. All Police Reports for Ruskin are maintained at the location below in Ybor City:

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Freddie Solomon Annex

Records Section   

1900 East 9th Avenue

Tampa, Florida 33605

Hours:  7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Days:  Monday – Friday  

Closed Holidays

By Mail

A letter of request for your Ruskin Police Accident Report may be mailed to the following address:

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Records Section

P. O. Box 3371

Tampa, Florida 33601

If it is within 60 days of the accident date, these records are confidential and only exempt parties and their representatives are allowed to access them. You must include a copy of your driver’s license to verify your identity and involvement in the accident, your case number, and your notarized Sworn Statement.

Once the Police Reports have become public record, no sworn statement or identification is required for non-criminal accident report copies.

Hillsborough County Personal Injury Attorneys  

Living in a suburb can be a blessing, and it can also be stressful. With Ruskin’s rate of growth at 53% over the census of 2010, the pressure is on its local residents to adapt to newcomer influx and tourist overflow.

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