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If you’ve ever been injured in an accident, you know how difficult dealing with the aftermath can be. Your pain and suffering can make it nearly impossible to focus on other important events, but recovering fully often means a lot of time and effort needs to be spent navigating insurance, figuring out your legal rights, and fighting for fair restitution. Trying to do this alone while simultaneously recovering from your injuries is a workload no one should have to attack alone.

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To lessen this burden, Hillsborough County personal injury attorneys Darrigo & Diaz want to assist you with all of the complicated and time-consuming legal work you’ll need to do in order to fight for the financial recovery you deserve. When you’ve got expensive hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, and therapies all on top of a lessened ability to earn wages from work, it becomes painfully apparent how much your full medical recovery depends on your ability to stay above water financially. Let us worry about seeking the compensation you deserve for your damages while you just focus on getting better.

If you’ve been injured in Keystone or another Hillsborough County community and want to discuss the details of your injury case, schedule a free consultation with the personal injury attorneys Darrigo & Diaz at no risk to you. More than anything, we want to provide peace of mind while you go through this difficult period, so we don’t charge you a dime unless we are successful in our endeavors to recover damages for your injuries. Call us today at (813) 774-3341 or contact us online.

Representing Personal Injury Victims in Keystone After Their Accident

Darrigo & Diaz can handle any case where an injury has been caused by someone’s negligence, wrongdoing, or intentional acts. Past case types in our successful track record include:

Get Help From a Keystone, FL Personal Injury Lawyer

Darrigo & Diaz is intimately familiar with the communities in Hillsborough County. The Tampa area provides some of the best places to live and spend time in all of Florida, and we’ve been happily supporting the legal needs of the injured in the area for over 20 years. Keystone is one of our favorite places to visit for a variety of reasons. From its golf courses to its ample water activities, to the beautiful nature in every direction, there are dozens of ways to spend a day in the sun. Following it up with a few drinks at a local watering hole like Brū Growler Bar or Wild Rover Brewing Company is a great way to cap off the night.

With dozens of lake communities to choose from, Keystone is one of the best places for a family that loves life on the water. Safe, sunny, and spotted with some of the most beautiful nature preserves in the Tampa area, Keystone is a wonderful place to call home. On top of the natural amenities, the public schools are some of the best in the state and offer kids a great environment to grow up in.

As great a place as Keystone is to live, accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Car accidents, truck accidents, slip and falls — they’re all real possibilities that happen to people all over the world when they’re least expecting it. You and your family deserve to live free from the fear of an injury due to another person’s negligence ruining your chances at a happy, comfortable, normal life.

When looking for a personal injury attorney to help you in the event of an accident, be sure to look for a law firm with a long history of representing the victims of injuries like yours in your area. Darrigo & Diaz are personal injury attorneys with decades of experience working in the Hillsborough County court system, and we have aggressively fought for the rights of injury victims from the towns and neighborhoods in the Tampa area for just as long.

Holding the Negligent Accountable

The legal concept of negligence is founded on four parts: Duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and damages. A very basic summation of these parts is that for a person to be found negligent in an accident case, they must have acted contrary to the way a reasonable person exercising ordinary care would have acted in a similar situation, leading to damages that can be accounted for.

Here’s an example to illustrate this: A driver has a duty of care to drive safely and avoid causing harm to others on the road. They may be found to have breached that duty if they were speeding, distracted, or otherwise acting in a way that counters their duty to navigate the road safely. Causation is confirmed if this driver’s speeding or distraction is found to have led directly to the events of the accident. Finally, someone must have suffered damages due to the accident. Usually, this refers to damages related to an injury, both economic (like medical bills) and non-economic (like pain and suffering).

Darrigo & Diaz aim to bring justice to the victims of negligent drivers through the aggressive pursuit of the maximum amount legally allowed for their injuries. If you or a loved one has been in an accident in Keystone or the Tampa area, we will fight for your welfare tirelessly.

Darrigo & Diaz for Your Keystone Injuries

If you’re dealing with an injury due to another person’s negligence, don’t fight for justice alone. Seeking the help of an experienced local attorney is a great way to boost your chances of succeeding. Schedule a free consultation with the legal team at Darrigo & Diaz today, and we can get started on your personal injury case as soon as possible. We’re available 24/7 by calling (813) 774-3341 or contacting us online.


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