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Eminent Domain Explained

Eminent domain refers to the government’s ability to take privately owned property for public use. Under both Florida and U.S. Constitution, eminent domain also requires the government entity to pay compensation to the property owner. Moreover, this compensation must be “full compensation” that is intended to ensure the property owner’s financial position is not diminished. In simple terms, you have the right to be in the same financial position when the government exercises its right to eminent domain.

At Darrigo & Diaz, our Tampa trial lawyers have extensive experience assisting Florida residents facing both “quick-take” or “slow-take” eminent domain actions involving the federal, state, or local government. In most cases, a condemning authority will file a quick-take action. This consists of:

  • A condemning authority files a lawsuit and sets an Order of Taking Hearing where it must prove that (1) it is necessary to take the property, (2) it is taking the property for public purpose, and (3) proposed compensation is appropriate and in good faith.
  • A judge grants the order of taking, the condemning authority deposits the proposed compensation amount into a controlled registry, and the property is transferred to the condemning authority.
  • Property owners, with assistance from their attorney, may attempt to reach a settlement through mediation or negotiation. If a settlement cannot be reached, a 12-person jury will determine the compensation to be paid.

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Our team at Darrigo & Diaz has been recognized for our experience, accomplishments, and ability to successfully advocate for the rights and interests of clients. We understand that the legal system can be daunting and unfamiliar, which is why we take the time to work closely with clients and provide personalized explanations about their rights and options.

We value the trust clients place in us to guide them through their legal journeys, and we work diligently to leverage our skills for their benefit. When you choose our team, you can expect the following:

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  • Millions of dollars in compensation via settlements and verdicts.
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