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It can happen at any time in Tampa. One second, you’re on a trip down Kennedy Boulevard, perhaps thinking about the errands you need to run. The next second, the hood of a car flashes in the sunlight as it darts directly in front of you. You have no time to swerve or brake or do anything. Afterward, you’re explaining to a police officer by the side of the road how the event happened. Hopefully, you are not being hoisted into an ambulance while the conversation takes place.


Left turn car accidents like these are incredibly common, especially in a busy city like Tampa. Accident victims may be left with major injuries that can require months to fully recover. Some victims may be permanently disfigured or disabled as a result of their injuries.

Working with a Tampa left turn car accident lawyer can provide the legal expertise needed to build a strong case that has a high chance of recovering all of your financial losses from the crash. By filing a car accident claim with insurers — or sometimes filing a lawsuit against at fault drivers — accident victims can obtain the money they need to pay medical bills, cover lost wages, and handle other debts stemming from crash damages.

You can speak with a left turn car accident attorney in Tampa for free during an initial case evaluation to learn more about your rights and options. One quick meeting could put you back on track to resume your life as it was before the accident took place.

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Why Left Turn Car Accidents Are So Common in Tampa

Left turns require a number of careful judgements to make safely. Florida law (F.S. 316.122) requires all turning drivers to avoid interrupting the flow of traffic and to wait until it is safe to make their maneuver.

Unfortunately, drivers can make mistakes in judgement that lead to terrible left turn car accidents. A driver may fail to notice oncoming traffic or have failed to completely visually assess the area. Some drivers may also take bold risks, accelerating directly into the path of vehicles thinking, “I can make it.”

Whatever the reason, a dangerous left turn maneuver can quickly turn into an unpleasant accident scene. The impact of a car moving at or near the speed limit into the broad side of a vehicle can cause major impact force. Accident victims inside the car that was cut off may incur a number of serious injuries from crash forces, airbags deploying, debris, or the destruction of their vehicle’s cabin.

Statistics from the U.S. National Highway Transportation Association (NHTSA) show that left turns are a critical contributing factor in 22% of all car crashes. Crossing through the path of cars moving at speed presents great risks and a corresponding level of care that is not always honored.

Repaying Your Losses After a Left Turn Car Accident

The costs of a left turn car accident can be severe. These costs include actual monetary expenses, like hospital stays. However, they can also include non-monetary costs, like the pain you feel during the recovery process.

A successful Florida car accident claim can repay most if not all of these losses, which are known in legal terms as “damages.” Your Tampa left turn car accident attorney can examine the totality of your losses, past and future. By consulting with medical experts and economic experts, they can predict the complete sum of all of your expenses related to the car accident.

Working with an experienced left turn car crash lawyer in Tampa can also help you prove the extent of your non-monetary damages. For instance, a lawyer can help you report your pain and debilitating symptoms accurately to doctors, ensuring that there is an official record of the pain and suffering you have experienced.

Common types of damages after a left turn car accident include:

  • Medical bills
  • Out-of pocket expenses related to treatment
  • Lost income
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Punitive damages, in rare instances

Work With a Tampa Left Turn Car Accident Lawyer Who Cares

At Darrigo & Diaz, we work closely with left turn car accident victims to ensure their best interests are represented to insurers and in court. We fight against insurance companies who want to offer unfair settlements, deny claims, or dispute who was at fault for a collision. 

Your personal injury attorney will also assemble a body of evidence to prove your financial losses as well as the non-monetary losses you have endured.

Having an injury attorney in Tampa represent you can offer your best chance of building a strong claim that brings you the maximum amount of compensation available.Speak with one of our left turn car accident attorneys for free during your initial case review. You can schedule your free, no obligation appointment now when you call (813) 774-3341 or contact us online.


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