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Water damage can come in many different forms, and each one is devastating in its own way and the effects can often be found years later. It’s likely that you’ll have questions. You may not know what steps to take, exactly. Or you might be wondering if your insurance company will cover the damages. You’ll get the answers you seek down below!

flooded house with water damage

What counts as “Water Damage”? 

The term itself can be very vague. Defining “water damage” in itself could be left up to interpretation. Trying to figure out exactly what you should put on your claim can be even more daunting. Here are some examples that could help define water damage:

  • Heavy, or long-lasting rainfall
  • Leaking roof
  • Floods
  • Overflowing sink or toilet
  • Clogged pipes
  • Leaking, cracked, or burst pipes
  • Leakage from your Air Conditioning system
  • Old or broken appliances (Especially in the kitchen)

Any of these can cause permanent damage to your home. Repairs can be costly, and that’s why you should reach out to your insurance company.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

If you pay for home insurance, you might assume any damages to your house will be covered.  But that actually is not always the case. Your coverage depends on your insurance company as well as the specific policies you hold. It would be useful to give your insurer a call and figure out exactly what is covered. Have them explain and break down exactly what is covered. 

Depending on the type of damage, it might not be covered. Water damage caused by natural disasters (such as heavy downpours or flooding) is usually covered under a separate policy. On the other hand, your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover damages caused by plumbing. 

Keep in mind that your insurer may try to deny your claim by stating that the damage was caused by you. Either through negligence or under a different set of circumstances that won’t be covered under your policies. As such, getting a third-party contractor to assess the damages might help your claim. Furthermore, a respected attorney might be able to help your case as well.

What Will My Insurance Claim Pay For?

It depends on your specific policy, however, most insurance policies will cover all or some of the following:

  • Water damage restoration service
  • Ceiling repair of water damage
  • Water damage cleanup
  • Replacement of water damaged appliances
  • Hardwood floor repairs 
  • Replacement of water damaged furniture

What Should I do When I See Water Damage?

When you notice any signs of water damage, you should report the damage to your insurer as quickly as possible. Your insurance company will likely try and use the delay in reporting the damages as an excuse to attempt to deny your claim. You should try and find out the source of the water, and if possible, attempt repairs to prevent any further damages. 

Again, if your insurer deems your actions to be negligent, they will use that information to try and deny your claim. It’s also highly advisable to take pictures and record videos of any of these damages, and their causes if possible. This will provide proof and might help your case. 

As for a temporary resolution, try and get rid of as much moisture in the damaged area as possible. You may need to hire a professional to fix the cause of the water. If you do, keep the receipts and provide them to your insurance company to show that you have been actively trying to fix the issue.

I’ve Filed a Water Damage Insurance Claim, Now What?

Be sure to follow up with your insurance provider to make sure all the necessary documentation is provided. This ensures the claim process will run as smoothly as possible. If repairs are in progress, make sure to keep all of the records so you can be compensated at the end of the claim. Claims can be time-consuming and drag on. Stay on top of the claim progress and provide any additional information requested promptly. 

How Can I Hire a Water Damage Attorney in Tampa?

If your home has been damaged in a storm and you’re finding it difficult to deal with the insurance company, just know you’re not alone in the fight. Darrigo & Diaz has been serving the Tampa area for more than 20 years. We know what it takes to get your water damage insurance claim rolling so you can move on with your life. With many options to connect with us, there’s no reason to wait a moment longer. Call us at (813) 774-3341 for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation right over the phone, or contact us to schedule a Zoom meeting whenever it is convenient for you. 


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