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Westchase is one of the most popular Tampa suburbs. This cozy little city was founded in 1991 and is loved by visitors and residents alike. Whether you find yourself in this pleasant nook of Hillsborough County year-round or simply for a family vacation, we want you to stay safe. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even in idyllic settings. 

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If you or a family member is injured in an accident while in our fair county, the personal injury attorneys at Darrigo & Diaz are ready to assist you. You do not have to take on the burden of a time-consuming legal battle while recovering from injuries. Our team is here to do the fighting for you. We have established positive relationships within the local legal community and have a history of working closely alongside prosecutors, police, and court officials. Let these relationships, along with our expertise in personal injury law, work for you. 

When you are injured in Westchase or any other Hillsborough County community, Darrigo & Diaz can assist you. Your first consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys will be held at no cost to you. Because we work on a contingency basis, there is absolutely no risk in reaching out. We only get paid when you do! Call us today at (813) 774-3341 or contact us online. Your financial stability should not be compromised due to someone’s negligence. 

Representing Personal Injury Victims in Westchase After Their Accident

Darrigo & Diaz can handle any case where an injury has been caused by someone’s negligence, wrongdoing, or intentional acts. Past case types in our successful track record include:

Your Advocate Following an Accident in Westchase

People have been choosing to live in Westchase since its ground was broken in the early 1990s. Many report a feeling of being tucked safely away in its beautiful neighborhoods that include The Vineyards, The Greens, and The Estates. No matter which family-friendly neighborhood you choose to settle in — for the rest of your life or for the rest of the week — you will feel like you’ve stepped into a world far from the hustle of the city. In reality, you are only a short drive from anything you need. Living in this gorgeous section of Hillsborough County puts you in proximity to amazing nightlife in Tampa and pristine beaches in St. Pete. 

While thousands of people go about their daily lives in the Tampa area without incident, others aren’t so lucky. At any time, you could be involved in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a slip and fall, or some other catastrophic injury. It’s important to understand that you should not have to suffer financial difficulty after being harmed by a negligent stranger. 

We have been fighting for the rights of Westchase residents for over two decades. Our office should be the first call you make after being medically discharged. A Westchase personal injury attorney is your best option for securing the compensation you need to recover from your personal injury losses.

When You Think You Can’t Afford An Attorney — You Can!

One of the reasons people avoid contacting an attorney after an injury accident is that they believe lawyers are too expensive to afford. In truth, when an attorney works on a contingency basis, it means you don’t pay a dime until your case is successfully settled. 

When you speak with a member of our team during your initial consultation, we will discuss our fee structure. This means that there is never a surprise when it comes to what you owe and when we collect. In nearly all personal injury cases, we make the agreement that you owe us nothing up-front and don’t pay unless or until we are able to obtain compensation for you.

When potential clients tell us that they don’t have the money for an attorney, our answer is this: Can you afford to not have an experienced legal professional? You are certainly within your rights to settle with an insurance company on your own. You can even file a personal injury suit in civil court. However, we know that your case outcome will likely be more positive when you have an experienced personal injury legal advocate by your side. 

By hiring a personal injury attorney in Westchase, you are telling insurance companies that you are serious. An insurance agent is less likely to play games when they know you’ve hired a lawyer. It’s a plain and simple fact. Without a representative, insurers may delay your claim, send you a lowball offer, or attempt to deny you coverage altogether. 

Your bills aren’t going to wait forever to be paid. Time is of the essence following an injury accident. Please do not wait to contact our office!

Get The Aid You Deserve from Westchase Personal Injury Attorneys Darrigo & Diaz

Our promise to you is that we will use every ounce of our knowledge and expertise to fight for the compensation you deserve. We have been advocating for personal injury victims with success for decades because we believe that negligent parties should be held responsible. You and your family do not have to suffer financial difficulty because someone made a poor decision. 

Call us at (813) 774-3341 or contact us online to schedule your free case evaluation and learn more about your options. We are ready to begin work on your Westchase personal injury case now!


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