30 Nov 2015

Cyber Monday Security Tips

Posted By Darrigo & Diaz

Cyber Monday

With more than 900 retailers offering deals this Cyber Monday, security might not be of the highest important, but in fact, it should be your number one priority when buying things online. Here are some security tips to protect yourself from fraudsters.

  • Watch how you shop online
  • Be especially careful of any unexpected pop-ups while shopping online. There might be fake pop-ups saying your computer is infected, or with offers that seem like incredible deals. The best bet is to back out and shut down the computer.
  • Use only one or two specific credit cards so you can closely monitor any fraudulent credit card activity.
  • Do not click on links in emails. One trick that fraudsters regularly use is to send an email or a text as an “order confirmation.”
  • If you use your phone or computer tablet to shop, you might be more easily persuaded by fraudsters who send out fake text alerts pretending to be from your bank or a well-known retailer.
  • Fraudsters might send a text claiming that your debit card has been frozen and you need to provide bank account information now. Best bet: Contact your bank directly and do not respond to texts.
  • Keep computers and mobile devices up to date when it comes to having the latest security software.
  • Always protect your home wireless network with a password.
  • Make sure any shopping websites use secure technology.
  • When you’re at the checkout screen, verify that the Web address begins with https. You can also check to see if a tiny locked padlock symbol appears on the page.

Internet websites can mimic what looks like a legitimate shopping site. So if a price sounds too good to be true when shopping on Cyber Monday, don’t rush to hand over your credit card number.

Keep security in mind and happy shopping! Remember we are always on your side looking after your rights. If you have a concern about a legal matter give us a call at 813-877-5548; we will be glad to assist you.

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