12 Oct 2022

How to add emergency medical information to your phone’s lock screen

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What would happen if you suffer a fall, are in an auto accident, or experience a medical emergency that leaves you unable to communicate with first responders? Your phone could be your lifeline.

Most smartphones have a feature that enable first responders to access your critical medical information even if your phone is locked. Without needing your passcode, first responders can access important information, such as your known allergies, current medications, and emergency contact.

Here’s how to add emergency medical information to your phone.


Guide to add emergency medical information to your phone

iPhone/Apple Watch

  1. Open the Health app on your device.
  2. Tap Medical ID and then create medical ID.
  3. Fill your profile and add emergency contacts by tapping the green + under EMERGENCY CONTACTS.
  4. Under EMERGENCY ACCESS, use the slider at show when locked to allow responders to access this information.

Watch a video tutorial here.



  1. Open your contact list and tap on your profile photo.
  2. Tap edit and then emergency medical information.
  3. Fill out the sections and tap save.
  4. Tap emergency contacts and tap add member to choose from your contact list.

Alternatively, you can download the Medical ID app here.


Android/Medical ID app

  1. Go to Settings and then scroll down to find the Safety & Emergency option.
  2. Within the Safety & Emergency menu, you’ll find Medical Information at the very top. Tap on this, and you can fill out your medical information.
  3. Tapping on each of these fields will bring up a text box for you to enter your information.
  4. At the very bottom of the Medical Information screen, you’ll see a box stating, “To help in an emergency, people can view this info without unlocking your device.”
  5. If you tap on Change Settings here, you can then toggle this option on and off. Be sure to toggle in on.

Watch a video tutorial here.


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