25 Jun 2021

Negligent Security at Tampa Bay ATMs

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Using an ATM

Do you feel nervous using an ATM? You’re not alone.

Using an ATM can leave you vulnerable. You’re often alone. Your back is turned. And you’re depositing or withdrawing cash, which makes you a target for attacks and robberies.

Although cases of robbery or people getting mugged at ATMs are relatively rare—research shows physical incidents at ATMs occur about 1 out of every 2 million transactions—they can and do happen.

In recent years, there have been several serious attacks at Tampa Bay ATMs, raising questions about bank and business security, and if they can be held liable for injuries or losses sustained as a result of ATM incidents. In this article, we explain what negligent security cases are, provide tips for ATM safety, and guidance on what to do if you are ever attacked at a Tampa Bay ATM.

What is negligent security?

Negligent security is also known as inadequate security. Under Florida law, banks and businesses are legally obligated to take reasonable precautions against people becoming victims of crime while on their property. If they fail to do so, they may be held liable for a case of negligent security.

Depending on the circumstances, negligent security at ATMs could potentially involve:

  • Failure to provide security guards
  • Failure to provide working security cameras
  • Failure to provide adequate lighting within the ATM kiosk or outside of it
  • Failure to install mirrors on the ATM and in surrounding areas
  • Failure to remove or trim bushes, shrubs, or trees that obscure the view of the ATM
  • Failure to relocate, close, or limit ATM operation hours in high-risk locations

5 tips to help protect you at an ATM

On your next visit to the ATM, keep these safety precautions in mind.

  1. Bring someone with you when using an ATM. If you can’t find a buddy, use an ATM that is located in a public area like a convenience or grocery store. This way, store personnel are there to help and you’ll have the video surveillance from both the store and the bank.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night. If you see any suspicious activity, like a person waiting a few feet away or if there aren’t any lights around, avoid using that machine and find another in a more public area. Even better, avoid using an ATM at night if possible.
  3. Have your debit card ready to go as you approach the ATM. If you need to search through your purse or wallet, you’ll give criminals more of a chance to catch you off guard.
  4. Do not count or visually display any money you received from the ATM. After taking your money out of the ATM, immediately place the cash in your purse or wallet, and count it later.
  5. If you’re using a drive-up ATM, be sure passenger windows are rolled up and all doors are locked. If you leave your car and walk to the ATM, lock your car. It can also help to turn down the radio so you can be more alert.

What to do if you are attacked at a Tampa Bay atm

Immediately call 911 and report the incident. Request medical attention if you have been injured or believe you have been injured. It’s important to have an official police report if you decide to pursue a negligent security case.

Next, if you suspect that your injury was the result of negligent security, you should speak with a Tampa Bay lawyer trained in premises liability, which is a key area of our practice and has been for over 20 years.

It is important to start the claims process quickly so that your lawyer can start strategizing and so that evidence will be preserved. Therefore, contact an experienced negligent security attorney in Tampa Bay as soon as possible. This will ensure you have the best possible chance of getting the help, justice, and compensation you deserve.

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