What are the symptoms of slip and fall injuries?

Slip and falls are one of the most common accidents in the United States, resulting in more than 1 million emergency room visits each year. However, one out of four individuals who are injured in a slip and fall accident does not report the incident. While reasons range from where the accident happened to how the accident happened, most people do not report the slip and falls because they do not realize the extent of their injuries.

Slip and fall injury symptoms often manifest several days, even weeks, after the date of the incident. Especially for head injuries, symptoms can be latent, yet life-altering. Therefore, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately after falling, even if you do not believe you have been injured. 

Some of the more common symptoms of slip and fall injuries include:


Slip and falls can result in serious head injuries that range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injury. If you hit your head during a slip and fall accident, seek medical attention.


Bruises often appear on the skin because of trauma, and while some can be minor, others are more indicative of a deeper problem. If you sustain bad bruising after a slip and fall, seek medical attention.

Sore or Sprained Muscles 

Slip and falls can result in pulled or torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons. If you notice soreness after a slip and fall, seek medical attention.


High impact slip and falls can result in fractures. Broken bones are painful and inconvenient injuries that require immediate mediate attention.


Sustaining cuts in slip and falls can seem minor. However, if the slip and fall occurs in a less-than-sanitary environment, the cut could lead to infections and additional complications.

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